Accounting Integration

Learn in more detail about how our solution works

Ensure the complete integrity of financial transactions and entries to make financial reporting as straightforward and smooth as possible.

PGFundConnection™ is a modular solution that can be uniquely configured to specifically match the breadth of each client's requirements and can be used to integrate with your G/L and operate as a sub-ledger to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Compete with the Big Boys. Daily Unitization.  Performance Reporting

Daily receipt of asset information provides for daily unitization of portfolios.  Our system allows you to provide annual and monthly performance reporting to your donors. Such features allow Planned Giving Organizations to compete more effectively with the donor advised funds of traditional financial services providers.

Flexible Reporting Structures

  • Flexible chart of accounts to categorize funds
  • Track FASB reporting and compliance
  • Separation of foundations funds from supporting organizations or affiliated agencies
  • Consolidate entities of different funds for complete financial reporting
  • Establish multiple projects within a single fund and maintain a separate and combined income statement and balance sheet
  • Real-time posting of all accounting entries for immediate updating
  • Cash and accrual based accounting for fund reporting
  • Configure spending policy administration to your preferences
  • Improve Controls and Compliance
  • We can handle your most complex policies

Integrated Solution

  • Structure entries to your preferences and requirements
  • Execute accurate double-entry fund accounting
  • Integration of your organization’s activity with clients G/L system
  • Allow anyone to easily enter transactions with our simplified, user-friendly screen
  • Integration with external custodians and brokers to generate appropriate accounting entries
  • Integration with treasury banks to support electronic reconciliation of accounts